A Thank you to MLK



That One Day there will be more pencils to learn with than bullets to kill with.

That One Day WE will all understand that quality education will lead to less incarceration.

That One Day A Land of Opportunity will become a World of Prosperity.

That those that choose to bring life into this world will do so responsibly.

I have a dream that one day we will truly learn from the significant and telling experiences of those that came before us. Regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation, nationality or status. 

That one day profits will not be placed above people.
That compassion for others will outweigh self gain.

I Have A Dream that One Day...
WE will come together to propel the human condition forward towards peace and progress for all.

Progress that ends poverty. 

Progress that eradicates disease. 

Progress that pioneers the stars.

That One Day Peaceful Resolution will take the place of destructive war.

I Still Dare to Dream. Do you?

If you do, please share.